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Our Story...

Creative Visions Landscaping was born in New Braunfels, Texas in September of 1996, after we (Rich and Donna), graduated from Southwest Texas State University (now Texas State), and immediately after our marriage. Rich and I both worked full time in college, and managed to save a little money. While I was teaching Kindergarten, pregnant with our first baby girl (Devin), and custom building our first home, Rich began to implement our dream. With one lawn mower transported in the trunk of the car, and low grade blowers and weed eaters, we set off on our journey, COMPLETELY against our parents’ wishes, and we eventually acquired a home made trailer. As most new businesses in our industry, we began in residential lawn maintenance. Those contracts grew and eventually we purchased some commercial grade equipment, which led to some New Braunfels commercial accounts. Slowly, and with no loans from family or bank lenders, our company began to grow. 

CVL's Background

Back in the day, Rich’s father was a custom home builder in Sonterra in San Antonio, and as a teenager, Rich use to landscape his father’s new homes. This is where he absolutely shined, and where his true love for the industry began. 

So, as a natural progression, he transitioned from the Lawn Maintenance industry (although CVL became the largest company in this area locally), and he began to utilize his talents in landscape design. 

Since the business grew, and our babygirl (Devin) was due, I stopped teaching to stay home with our her, and began running the office from home. 


Soon after, our baby boy (Dylan) was born, and we leased a shop to store our materials and office out of. We acquired MANY contracts with spec builders such as DR Horton, Mainstreet, Lennar, Armadillo, Lantara, and many more. At our peak, we employed 75 employees plus office assistants. However, in that field, you just don’t get to design as much.    

Therefore, Rich’s itch to design custom landscapes and hardscapes evolved again into focusing on Custom homes, implementing his true love. 


Now, after 26 years of serving the surrounding areas, Creative Visions Landscaping has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, has landscaped over 30,000 homes, has multiple crews and equipment, and has earned a reputation that we not only take extremely serious, but we also treasure. 


Today, we are still family owned and operated. After attending Texas State, our son, Dylan decided he wanted to be an integral part of the company. He is Rich’s right hand man and is our General Manager. Like Rich, he also is in charge of customer relations, sales, inventory, our fleet manager, logistics, and many more duties. Our daughter, Devin, after graduating from Texas State University, decided to pursue Marketing/Advertising, Content Creation, and Social Media Sales. She is now our sole marketing director, and is currently completely revamping our website and social media presence, whilst also continuing to build her brand individually. 


We are so proud of our children, and of our outstanding employees, masons (or “artists” as we call them). And although this industry always has a revolving door of employees, we are proud to say that most of our employees have been with us 20+ years. That is because we are a family. 


So we thank you for considering our company to transform your home into the oasis you’ve always dreamed of. And we thank our former clients who’ve entrusted us with their projects and helped us grow. Please join us, allow us to work our magic for you, and be a part of our journey. 


For we have a vision… let us share it with you. 



Rich, Donna, Devin, Dylan, our CVL staff, and our God son Sebastian, who’s now being partially raised in a family of creators, dreamers, artists and entrepreneurs. 


Creative Visions Landscaping… A growing investment.

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