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About Us

We are so excited you are here and hope to work together one day. Our loyal customers are an integral part of the CVL family and we are so pleased to say that even though we have served 30,000+ people in the area, we have still managed to create a personal, yet professional bond with each of our clients. We value our homeowners, as each is different in their own way, and we promise to do our very best to make that particular vision come true every time. Below you can see CVL's process and our professional guarantee to you. 


Our Process

At Creative Visions Landscaping, we make it easy for our clients to get the ball rolling.

Take a look below at our 4 step process for getting each customers' project started.


Step 1:

First you will want to contact our office, and Donna will set up a date and time that works best for you for Rich to do come and do an at-home consultation with you.


Step 2:

We offer a complimentary home visit with our designer/owner, Rich Stiehler. He will visit you to discuss your needs, take measurements, and take notes and photos. Telling him what your budget is, will certainly speed the process up, as he will design according to your budget, giving you the most bang for your buck. 

Step 3:

(If applicable), Rich will enter all of the information into his program, and create a beautiful design: to scale, labeled with plant names, materials, etc. and will send it over in two forms. One, emailed so you have it digitally to send to your HOA. And two, delivered to your front door on a large blueprint so you can get a better feel for it visually. Please note: clean outs, remulches, etc. will not require designs.) Separately, you will also receive an itemized estimate with pricing, etc.

IMG_8883 2.JPG

Step 4:

Contact the office when you’re ready to discuss, adjust, add or delete items on the design. Donna will set up a second meeting with Rich (by conference call or a home visit), to discuss those changes. Donna will then revise the estimate and resend.

IMG_7800 2.JPG

Our Professional Guarantee

It is our goal at Creative Visions Landscaping, to provide an upscale renovation or upscale new install, at a fair price. We have masterful masons who do quality work in a timely manner. In fact, we at CVL consider them “artists”, not just masons. From our skillful landscapers, irrigators, masons and more, to our professional lighting installers, and Outdoor Living space creators, we are able to provide you with not only a beautiful site to see, but a place to create memories, traditions, and special celebrations and moments with your family. We see your project as our own home, and we go above and beyond to make every phase of the project, the utmost importance. Our crews have the ability to take Rich Stiehler’s amazing designs, and turn it into reality… a place a family can enjoy. So take this journey with us, and make your dream project a reality. 

We have a Vision.
Let us Create it for you.

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